Heavenly Impact

This is an Evangelistic Preaching Program with Pastor Dasta Haregot. He is preaching in English which is a translate into Urdu language. A program full with the fire of the Holy Spirit.
To minister to the lost and hurting souls
- To bring healing and unity to the body of Christ
- To lead spiritually hungry belivers into a deeper relationship  with Christ and,
- To lead belivers into a life of greater faith and anointing.
Pastor Desta is originally from Eritrea but moved to Sweden at an early age. Soon after relocating to Sweden he decided to study theology in the United States and it did not take long before he embarked on another journey. As a pastor he began to preach the gospel all over the world and after witnessing miracles he realized that this was his calling in life. However, destiny has now brought him back to Sweden and is currently pasturing at the Full Gospel Eritrean Church Stockholm.