Kanal 10 Asia is founded by Mr Borje Claesson, a former business man and also pastor for “City church” in the little south Swedish town, Âlmhult.Mr Claesson bought Kanal 10 Sweden in 2006, etablished Kanal 10 Norway in 2010 and launched Kanal 10 Asia 25th of March 2013.The calling on his life is buliding a “spiritual IKEA”, easy understood for a man that lives in the pioneering town of the furniture giant IKEAand with a background in the IKEA company as product manager.He will build a television ministry with a message that is adaptive in all homes for all types of people.
“City chuch” in Âlmhult is a fast growing and living church, and the same strong and non-compromising message that is preached in this Pentecostal like church, is also shared on the 3 TV channels.

Donation through Swish for Kanal10 Asia is now available!

02 Jan , 2017
For all of our supporters in Sweden it is now possible to donate through the Swisch app in your Smartphone. If you want to give on a regular basis it is easy to put the number, 123 596 79 22, as one of your favourite receivers in the app. You find further information about possible ways to donate at http://kanal10asia.com/donate